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Title: Find out what you need and what channels you can get!
Post by: Hyper on January 16, 2009, 02:38:49 PM
A great place to figure out what kind of Antenna you need for OTA HDTV:

Maximize your television reception

The mapping program, provided by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), locates the proper outdoor* antenna to receive your local television broadcast channels.

Based on geographical maps and signal strengths, AntennaWeb locates the best antenna for you whether the antenna is for use with a home satellite system, high-definition television (HDTV) or a traditional analog set.

Get started!



Title: Re: Find out what you need and what channels you can get!
Post by: SWHouston on July 08, 2009, 11:21:58 AM

I think you may have gotten the Antenna Web Locator at...


mixed up with some other very good Transmitter Locaters.

Actually, AntennaWeb doesn't recommend an Antenna for your location.  It does, with some limitations, give you a list of the Transmitters which you probably will receive, given the correct choice of Antenna.

The only entry which AntennaWeb initially uses is your ZipCode, and that in most instances, I've found is not accurate enough.  When doing a lookup for someone, I always try to get their exact address or GPS Coordinates entered.

IF you notice, AntennaWeb gives you a (very small) link at the bottom of the Form to click on, where you can enter your GPS, and the height of the existing or proposed installation, both of which I feel are of great importance, in the accuracy of an evaluation.  This is software which identifies your location, and lists the transmitters in the area.

If someone wishes to bypass the personal selection stage of getting into OTA, he can select a Finder, which will recommend an Antenna for his location.
The first one which comes to mind is the Windgard Selector at...


HA !, guess which type Antenna they recommend !  ;D

Winegard is a renown manufacturer of reliable solid equipment, and one could hardly go wrong in choosing one of several of their units, which could provide you with excellent reception.
They however do not take your exact distance from the Transmitter into consideration, and recommend several Antennas by range.  You must select which range/distance you would like to receive.  Then of course there are several other considerations which come into play, mainly concerning your ability to Rotate your Antenna.

The next facility which comes to mind is the Solid Signal Locator at...


This is an Antenna Recommendation, done by a real person, not some electronic selection as one experiences with TVFool, AntennaWeb and Winegard.
The Form you fill out is rather tedious, but, the information you enter is considered, along with other listings given of components, which may help you with the install.  Additionally Antennas from several Manufacturers are considered for the recommendation, where you're probably getting a much more accurate selection.

Then finally there's the Antennapoint Selector at...


This one really gives you a lot of channels, many which you couldn't get if your Antenna was twenty feet long, and up a mile or more !  ;D
But, if you want the whole "enchilada" their software will spit it out for you. (it's electronic too)

I'm very glad to see some interest here in OTA, not that I expected it, this is a Satellite type Forum !  8)
Hope this helps someone...

Have a good Day !  :)