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Author Topic: Top KU satellites for High School and College football feeds  (Read 412 times)
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« on: October 11, 2016, 11:18:00 AM »

Did a quick study on the KU CFB feeds from the last weekend and the KU HS feeds from the last month. I thought this may be useful to those of us using a fixed dish and enjoyed football. I did this quickly so it may not be accurate, but should give a person with a fixed dish on where to point it for the most football feeds. It is ranked by the quantity of feeds. I know there are some network college feeds on 103w from time to time, and I may have missed those since I usually get those OTA.

College football from last weekend.

1. 105w AMC15    15 feeds
2. 91w   G17          8 feeds
3. 83w  amc9         7 feeds
4. 125w amc21      3 feeds
5. 72w   amc6        3 feeds
6. 99w   G16          2 feeds

High school from the last month.

1.  91w   G17                     28feeds
2.  both 105w and 87w had   8 feeds
3.  both 103w and 99w had   5 feeds
4.  both  123w and 97w had  4 feeds
5.  83w amc9                       3 feeds   
7. 89w  G28                         1 feed

I know this is un-scientific, but it may give some one and idea of where to park their dish to see some football. I typically start on Thursday nights and scan a hand full of satellites and save the games to a new favorites list, so I can "channel surf" between them easily. I usually delete each game from the favorites list as they end so at then end of the day, the list is empty and ready to start again the next night. At the present, I have fixed KU dishes on 91w, 97w, 103w, 105w, and 85w. I compiled this list to see where to point another dish with 2 4deg lnb's on it. From the above information, I plan to redirect 85w to 83w (this is Jill),  and point the new dish (Juanita) to 99w, which should also give me coverage on 95w as well. With the C band dish on 99w, this should take up all 8 ports on my switch, then it will be time to rethink my whole set up. Ain't this FTA stuff fun.

This information is from a rookie FTAer, so take it for what its worth and if anyone can add, take away, or suggest improvements to this information feel free to do so.

If not in the correct forum please move.
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« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2016, 10:52:13 AM »

Great info and thanks for posting this RCC!

I am going to "sticky" this so it stays on the top of the page for future reference for all us football fans out there.


My son Evan, taken from his family and friends on March 26, 2010 at the age of 15. We love you and miss you Evan. We will see you again soon in heaven. I miss you son. You were the best son a dad could have. I am so proud of you. Save a place for me.

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