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Author Topic: Vu+ Zero 4K With DVB-S2x Blindscan  (Read 477 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 25, 2018, 08:53:42 PM »

No need for a tirade, But you should be ashamed. You are an avid poster at the Pirate iptvtalk website, yet you come here and talk like you are against piracy? I doubt any of your friends at that Pirate site have enigma2 receivers in their inventories...

You can expect the Zero 4K to be available in North America before this summer.
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« Reply #16 on: March 26, 2018, 08:11:16 AM »

 That's pretty low for someone who is supposed to be a mod somewhere. I do not know you nor do I want to after that BS. Have no respect for people that attempt to ruin reputations by insult and innuendo. Those are usually the type of people that are the lowest in this world. Ask Hillary.......After that insulting statement you made I have no respect for you at all anymore regardless of you so called knowledge. I simply do not hang with individuals like that as it's not good for the soul. People that make accusations, or bring in words or labels in an attempt to put someone down don't deserve any respect in my book. But that's me.  For your information the people I sub to are legitimate from every angle I could find. That said, some IPTV providers did do some other things for the satellite fans, which have long ago stopped.  I stayed away from those till the courts ruled. If the courts say it is OK then it can't be a pirate as you label. Again I am aghast. You are the one that should be ashamed for your attempt to label me. I bet you voted for Obama! That is exactly what he did and still does! Bet you voted for Hillary! If your wondering about me??? I a proud deplorable.  grin

 The courts got involved about 4 years ago in the IPTV thing. The courts ruling was there was no proof the programming was being stolen in any way by who I sub from. Case Dismissed. The judge went on to say not to waste the courts time with simple competition. Not any case I am aware of was brought back up however I don't know everything like you do so there I'm sure someone was illegal and got shut down.That is when I decided to purchase IPTV. I have used a few services. Wanted to try the service from my IP provider Centurylink. But they are about 10 bucks a month over my fixed income budget. Looked at ATT Uverse too.  Found one that fits the budget. For 25 a month not bad. Even has reverse directory. Miss a show and just back up on the guide and watch. Soon from what I understand DN and Direct will only be IPTV. They announced years ago they were going to drop sat service and distribute over the internet around 2020. Direct is already starting with the deal they have started advertising. No profit anymore in satellite distribution. IPTV is the wave of the future like it or not. Satellites are getting too expensive.

 Labelling people based on your judgement alone which is what you did to me in your statement makes me really wonder how you could be a mod anywhere as your signature says. Pretty sad to directly insult people! I would ask for an apology. But I don't respect you anymore. I don't believe any words from anyone I don't respect so you could apologise and I would not believe it after what you insinuated about me. If this response gets me banned. So be it. If you sir are a testament of the people that hang here I do not want to be associated with this site anymore.

 I have restrained a lot of words. I simply made a statement about software. An Inquiry if you will. Never once did I imply that you condoned Pirate stuff. But you appear to be defending that kind of thing by attacking me in a feeble attempt to justify a receiver that is clearly meant for the pirate market. Have a nice day.

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« Reply #17 on: March 26, 2018, 05:56:59 PM »

OK guys, this thread has gotten a bit out of control, so i am locking it down. Differences in opinion are great, but i hate to see bickering, it easily turns ugly. So thread is now locked, please refrain from this stuff in the future.


My son Evan, taken from his family and friends on March 26, 2010 at the age of 15. We love you and miss you Evan. We will see you again soon in heaven. I miss you son. You were the best son a dad could have. I am so proud of you. Save a place for me.

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