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Author Topic: Update from Jeff at Manhattan, plus thoughts from NAB show  (Read 3997 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 22, 2018, 01:46:30 PM »

well jesse , and fat sami,
i guess its the way, but then we can hope for new channels on ku. maybe with new lnbfs on them to pick up ku they might be putting more channels free in the clear. i seen a commercial on tv that had dish network on it providing communications for communities in an emergency. they must be really hurting for money. 

with everything going internet and fiber, i can see why they will shut down.hopefully other countries will start utilizing c band lake they do ku. if they did  we wouldn't have enough time in the day to watch all the goodies.

I personally think they don't need that frequency block, I'm guessing its another way to control what we watch on tv ,like alternative news feeds that they can't control right now.

also read about a repacking of channels and some stations will go dark or piggyback onto another station.
how do you control the masses? control the information feeds.

just my two cents worth. anyway since ku is still hot a lot of other countries probably won't comply totally


6 ft dish , openbox z5,amiko alien receiver, glorystar dish,modified hughes net dish,10 ft wineguard mesh motorized for c band with xbox,modified wild blue dish,
if i passed out on my dish, i would be beamed all thru the universe.
the pic is  my grandson.:) he is actually wondering why i have a low quality signal on my receiver.:).grandpa twist the lnbf!!!!

future:tbs box usb to satellite receiver,.linkbox 9000 i hd local, 8 more ku dishes unless i can build or find a 6 ft ku.
Jeff S.
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« Reply #16 on: June 11, 2018, 09:52:19 AM »

You know there is a lot of validity to what you all are saying.

One person pointed out they are taking away C Band frequency and with some articles written that is true, but it's not. What the FCC wants to use C Band for is to transmit large data (cell) on certain satellites. However, the FCC stated and congress is agreeing to this, if they interfere with any signal reception, they will have to shut it down. There will be and always be C Band signals for programming. Redundancy is always needed and still preferred way to receive programming to the head-ends. Understand the latency with Geo-orbit birds is to high for direct service. That is why Ku service for Hughes and others has not really taken off. The LEO systems do not have this issue, but will have issue with in-climate weather. Those were the issues from before and almost put Intelsat out of business.

With-that, we can offer a C Band service that will not break your pocketbook and not go away. For some yes HBO is pretty much available with any service and some are giving it away for a short time or increasing their price to pay for it. We don't need high sub-counts to support the service on C Band. Yes, there are costs to do this, but 6-7K customers is all we expect and you can use your existing RC-1978 w/SW update and or future products as well. There are still hurdles to cross as we lost Net-Neutrality from the Republicans because they were paid to do so! 

Understand folks there are over 20 million people in this country who do not have Internet and do not want it! That number continues to grow.

While we prefer to have Net-Neutrality as our new S2/OTT box for our OTT programming service, which would benefit from it. We do have our own fiber company backing, but it does not cover the entire USA. Plus we are working with a major company for rural wireless broadband that will bring higher speeds to the rural area. That will all take time as we have to bow to the cable companies as they buy-up al the programming rights as well.

The terrible state of this country because we are allowing these monopolies to happen. All these companies and most of them foreign are buying us up USA companies, their competition at a record pace. Why, because we just gave them a trillion dollar tax break! they need to do something with this money. All its doing is adding to our deficit which "we the people" had to pay for last time, remember? Then do you hear any person in Congress or media talking about what we are paying each day for interest on this deficit, like over a billion a day in interest we are paying.

I even made the suggestion to my congressional representatives to use any funds for tariffs to pay back our dept. Plus leverage duty costs on every electronic product coming into this country. All your phones and any electronic device with a modem in them pays no duty costs. We call this the Apple/Google law. Understand that Duties are under the demise/control of the House in Congress. Talk about kick-backs and then these companies are off-shore (Apple) and still receive these tax breaks. Shameful in my regard! Talk to your congress person about this. Let them give you their response to why this is happening.

The middle class is going to be eaten up and that is why people are getting rid of their programming services. We would like to be on Ku band, but yes, that is a major investment and we will see what happens when Eutelsat and Intelsat merges. With the change of SD programming to HD programming on G-19 happened, we lost a lot of bandwidth on that bird. Then 99 west is to close for a dual system which has a lot of capacity. So we think direct signal on C Band is our best bet and for the people who have limited Internet service, this is directly from the programmers themselves. We will look at Ku band again later.

We will be continuing on S2 even with our new ATSC 3.0 box coming out (hopefully) this fall. We are slated to be the first for ATSC 3.0 in  the market as we have a nice product in the works. We had a 1.0 box done for some time, but did not want to sell it and could not update it. This box will be a dual tuner 1.0/3.0 box with certified Android and OTT. The S2 version again in 4K will be of the same board with OTT.

Looking back at previous responses, I just wanted to point out we will not use Digicypher II for this service. The reason that service went away because they changed to 256 quam, which the boxes could not handle. With PowerVu this is a different animal!

If I missed anyone response or question(s), let me know.

Enjoy the week!

My best,

Jeff S.

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My son Evan. I miss you son.

« Reply #17 on: June 11, 2018, 06:44:39 PM »

Thank you Jeff for keeping us updated, it is much appreciated.

 ty ty

My son Evan, taken from his family and friends on March 26, 2010 at the age of 15. We love you and miss you Evan. We will see you again soon in heaven. I miss you son. You were the best son a dad could have. I am so proud of you. Save a place for me.

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