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Author Topic: Congress Proposes Bipartisan Bill Requiring C-Band Auction  (Read 1882 times)
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« on: October 26, 2019, 08:05:12 PM »

Congress Proposes Bipartisan Bill Requiring C-Band Auction
Bill expected to be part of discussion during C-band hearing on Oct. 29.

Michael Balderston
Oct 25, 2019

WASHINGTON—Members of Congress are sharing their thoughts on how they would like to see the C-band spectrum be handled when it comes to 5G. In a bipartisan bill, the representatives are pushing for a public auction of the spectrum.
C-Band satellite dish

The bill, Clearing Broad Airwaves for New Deployment (C-BAND) Act, was introduced by representatives Mike Doyle(D-Pa.), Doris Matsui (D-Calif.), Bill Johnson (R-Ohio) and Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.)

“This bill would ensure a transparent and fair process that would generate billions of dollars in revenue to address the urgent needs of millions of Americans, such as building out broadband internet service in rural American while protecting users of incumbent services,” said Doyle.

The bill officially calls for the FCC to hold a public auction of C-band spectrum; allows for no less than 200 MHz and no more than 300 MHz of C-band spectrum; and ensures that incumbent C-band users will be protected. There would be a deadline of September 2022 to complete the auction.

FCC commissioner Michael O’Rielly, meanwhile, says that while an auction is a possibility, the “primary objective should be to ensure that the spectrum gets into the hands of those who can put it to use as quickly as possible in order to compete not just domestically but internationally as well.”

The House will have a hearing on C-band on Tuesday, Oct. 29.

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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2019, 09:26:40 PM »

yea money talks.

seems like something is missing.

when cell phones were a novelty, most people talked happily over hardlines. and there was no bandwidth shortage.
now we have bandwidth shortage and our payphones are gone. history. ever think how u gonna call ur family in an emergency with the cell networks down?no public payphones, no hardline only broadband and fios?

when they get 5g out who is controlling the puppet strings? they control the phone lines now since their isnt so to speak phone lines. they control the fios. Now they will control the 5g. why the BIG press for 5g? 4k? whats next a pair of goggles that will display the antichrist in all 4k and real time visual? 

Sounds like someone isnt telling the whole truth. heck i live in an area we still struggle with 4g lte. I hate cell phones. and if everyone would quit wasting their money on multiple lines,multiple phones, they wouldnt need all this bandwidth.

you will find out they are now going to control the video you see. whatt!!!!!!!!? you watching newsmax? how dare you. what!!!!!!!!? you watching rush limbaugh? how dare you. Whatt!!!!!!!!!!!!? you watching alex jones? how dare you. Yes they will shut down ur ip and you will be seeing nothing.the other theory is to shut down the cash. and make everything digital. ending the average mans way to make a living. dont believe me? think what will happen when they roll 5g out and hidden in the agenda is getting rid of cash.

why? well with 5g being brought by cband satellite that will go thru rain sleet snow etc, you can do all your secure banking right over the satellite with ur handy dandy palm pilot or phone that is securely linked with our systems.
Ohhh but sir or madaam you cant get cash you are issued credits equal to your amount in our systems. But if you violate ur rules you will lose credits. no political supporting,no purchases of guns,ammo,books on the constitution,freedoms,etc. if you vote one way it dings you so many credits. or freezes your accounts by accident. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I believe i found what is missing?



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