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Author Topic: Ham Radio during disasters  (Read 371 times)
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« on: April 10, 2011, 09:08:12 AM »

Over the past decade Ham Radio has taken a back seat to other forms of communications such as the cell phone and internet. Ham Radio is less popular today with the younger generation which is understandable.Amateur radio  is still a viable and reliable form of communications and comes into its own especially  during major disasters as cell towers and internet circuits become inoperative.  For that reason alone with the way our world is today its important to keep Ham Radio as part of our society. The most recent example of that is in Japan where ham radio has in many areas been the only form of communication to the outside world as well as within many parts of the Country hit by the earthquake.
Even the International Space Station has Ham radio. They  realize that ham radio could be an important link to earth if anything should go wrong with their primary communications since hams are spread out all over the world, making contact would be very easy. For that reason I have kept my station fully operational even though regretfully I dont use it as much as I use to, Its a comfort to know it will be there if I need it. 

Radio Amateurs in Japan Still Providing Communications Support

Amateur Radio operators became involved in the rescue effort soon after the March 11 8.9 earthquake and devastating tsunami that hit northern Japan, and that effort continues  weeks later. “In the early stage following the earthquake and tsunami,  radio amateurs were able to activate their stations with car batteries or small engine generators, despite the electric power outages,” IARU Region 3 Secretary Ken Yamamoto, JA1CJP, told the ARRL. “They transmitted rescue requests and information on the disaster situation -- including refugee centers and their needs -- and the availability of basic infrastructures, such as electricity, water and gas supplies.” After the earthquake and tsunami, there was no communications, electricity, water or gas service in many of the affected areas.
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