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Title: Recommendations for a Ku System in AK
Post by: 2ndsite on Sep 21 2015 01:59:45
I may have contacted you through the ebay site requesting info for a FTA system for Wasilla Alaska 99654. It was about the GeoPro1200 HDVR, and the adjustable 0.2 KU universal block LNBF ESX521U-AM.....I am new to the FTA environment and I am planning on purchasing a complete satellite setup for this location.." Lat: 61.5806,long: -149.3338. I have a 2 story house to mount the 36" dish to, I am looking to mount on the end of the house pointing south, about 18 feet up. I would like to find a good to very good system. The price range should not exceed 375.00. the reason is that according to many websites I can only receive 1 satellite at this location, Galaxy 19...I was hoping to try and see if I could use the dual Lnbf and maybe a a 2nd dual lnbf with the 4 to 12 degree adjustment to see if this might provide a better system....What would you recommend for this location and what would be the best receiver...thanks...cj   

Title: Re: New Products In Stock at + Back In Stock, etc...
Post by: logically on Sep 21 2015 02:44:19
Dishpointer dot com website gives an elevation for Galaxy 19 at your location of just 8.3 degrees above the horizon.
You may need a larger dish to receive sufficient signal quality.  Such low elevation also increases the possibility of interference
from ground based sources, because the dish is pointed so low.  Two lnb's on one dish can be difficult to set up even at ground level and with much higher satellite elevation.  Also the trees showing on the satellite picture that are in the line of sight to Galaxy 19 cannot be taller than about 42 feet.

Title: Re: Recommendations for a Ku System in AK
Post by: scottd on Oct 08 2015 12:17:15
I'm in Seattle metropolitan area and I can't receive that satellite, I must be just below reception level, everything I've seen says I should be getting the channels. seems like lyngsat dot com measurements for dish sizes need to be 1.5X diameter their largest recommended smallest dish size. so a 80-100cm dish seems it needs to be a 150cm dish. Some parts of Alaska are in the same foot print reception level I'm in, 46 EIRP dBW. I've even increased my dish to a 4'-8" dish, still nothing, just a few dozen channels with broken signals for about a week. I have never reacquired it.

at lyngsat dot com frequency list, click on the "ku" in the first column to see the foot print map.

If you can find anyone in that area with a satellite dish doing what you are trying to do, they should be able to give some examples of what to expect from reception. That low on the horizon, even a cloudy day may effect signal levels.

Good luck however you plan on going. Up there, if you can find a used 8' C-band dish abandoned, or on craigslist, and put modern electronic equipment on it, might be the way to go. But you'll need to figure how to mount it. I was thinking one day I might just mount a 1.2m or 1.6m dish on the south facing wall and just offset the lnbs as needed.

ScottD ::wink ::2cen

Title: Re: Recommendations for a Ku System in AK
Post by: Hyper on Feb 21 2018 10:16:37
I know this is a reeeeaaaalllllly old post, but i just came across it tonight, and now i am curious.

Do we have any members here in Alaska?

If so, can you Alaskans get Ku signals on a 90cm (36") dish, or do you have to use a 1.2M (4ft) dish?

Would love to hear where you are at and what signals you can get, and what size dish is needed for Ku Band.