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Title: Interesting "switch" trouble and the fix.
Post by: RCC on Aug 13 2016 06:21:43
I am running an 8 port pansat in diseqC 1.1. Thursday night, I noticed that I could not be watching 105w on port 5 and switch to ports 2 or 3, but it would switch to port 1 and at that point I could switch any where until I went back to port 5 then it would be locked on port 5 until I selected 1 again. As it turns out, I had left my analog sat meter on port 5. When I removed the meter the next day, the trouble went away and all switching seems normal.

Title: Re: Interesting "switch" trouble and the fix.
Post by: Hyper on Aug 13 2016 07:23:51
I once thought i was having switch problems. I have 2 4x1 diseqc switches in my set-up and also a 3 way splitter. Anyways, i was having problem switching after it had been working for 2 years perfectly. I went out and changed each switch/splitter one by one and was checking to see if things improved between each piece i changed. Still not working properly. I then replaced each of these again with new stuff and still no good. Come to find out (hours later) it was a barrel connector in one of the coax lines into my house. I changed that out and everything was back to normal. I even checked the old switches i took out originally and everything worked. I kid you not, i can not explain why this made everything go beserk but it did.

Title: Re: Interesting "switch" trouble and the fix.
Post by: danristheman on Aug 13 2016 09:38:00
Had the same problem in the winter time wires shrink makes bad connections. Barrel connectors can be a pain sometimes.