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Title: V Box ii
Post by: jps on July 22, 2019, 06:00:11 AM
      stats: 10 ft. mesh dish, C&Ku-band lnbf, Ventura
               24" maxi, Linkbox 9000i, Motech diseqc1.2

      I am & always will be a novice (1986), so please
      forgive my stupid questions.
      Bought the Moteck 12-17-2017. Been working soso
      until about 2 months ago on the C-band. The Ku-
      band has not been working for about 6 months.
      I figured leave well enough alone and to be safe
      just use the C-band. I can get 58w to 125w in
      NC Florida.
      A couple of weeks ago the counter on the V Box
      started acting up. It certainly was not what I
      programmed in back in 2017. I ignored it since
      I was able to get my science fiction on ses1.
      There is no science fiction on ses1 on the week-
      ends so I tried getting some ku on Galaxy 19.
      The result of this has also messed up the C-band.
      I have not fooled around with the wiring since
      2017 & there have been no lightning strikes to    
      foul up the wiring. I also have a whole house
      surge protector.
      I am at a loss how to proceed.
      I have paper lists of the C & KU settings so
      maybe a full reset might be in order - YUK     
      Will attach a picture of the Linkbox screen &
      a picture of the remote of the V Box.
      Jack Shankle

Title: Re: V Box ii
Post by: elbandido on July 22, 2019, 10:11:16 AM
The counter on the Motek displays the pulses that are sent from the actuator.

First, check that ALL of the dish hardware is tight and not loose.

Next, see if the dish is aligned in the arc. One way of doing this without going outside is to move the dish 10-15 counts on the Motek and blindscan. Then compare the results of what is found to SatHint or Lyngsat. Keep repeating this process until it is proven that the dish is aligned in the satellite arc.

To correct the  count issue, probably the only solution you will have is to start over with the Motek as if it were new. I usually keep a list of what counts are displayed for each satellite, which makes it a lot easier to fix if there is a count problem.

The Motek "sees" the counts that are sent from the actuator. It is rare for the Motek or any other positioner to not display actuator counts or pulses. Usually when there is a count problem, it is in the wiring between the actuator and positioner, Or in the actuator itself.

Sometimes the actuator will slide in its mounting bracket instead of moving the dish. So checking the dish and all of its hardware should be the first thing that is done.

Title: Re: V Box ii
Post by: jps on July 22, 2019, 06:50:53 PM
Thanks for replying Elbandido.
1st thing I did was drive dish to 55.8w
& got a beautiful picture. I tried with the
V Box remote to set everything back to
the factory settings. Obviously I didn't
succeed. I then stored that position on
the V Box remote. I did not hit enter if
that makes a difference. Then I moved
the dish to Simon Bolivar and when I tried
to view something there the dish happily
decided it liked 55.8w better. So I am
wearing out my actuator running back and
forth between the 2 sats.
I have no idea what I am doing wrong

Title: Re: V Box ii
Post by: elbandido on July 22, 2019, 08:44:16 PM
Separate the Motek from the receiver by disconnecting the antenna feed from the back of the Motek and then install the antenna feed into the back of the fta receiver. See if you can call the satellites and have the dish move correctly to them by using the Motek remote after doing this.

Title: Re: V Box ii
Post by: jps on July 23, 2019, 06:22:17 PM
Dear Mr. Elbandido,
I tried to do as you recommended.
Looking at the back of the V Box manual P2, I unplugged
the connection labeled RCV.
Looking at the back of the Linkbox manual P8, I unplugged
the #1 connection. I then plugged the connection from the
V Box into the Linkbox #1 connection.
I then put in motor assignment #s from 58w to 127w on the
V Box remote and then hit STORE & ENTER. All birds showed
a signal strength of 45. From someone like me it would
seem that I need to reprogram each sat.
The #s on the V Box went from the 900s down and the
westward sats they jumped around.
I did not attempt anything with the KU Band.
Please let me know if I did anything wrong, by email please
as I have trouble hearing on the phone.
Thanks for your help
Jack Shankle

Title: Re: V Box ii
Post by: Hyper on October 06, 2019, 08:09:54 PM
Hopefully you have already got the help you needed jps.

I put your email address in code tags for your security.

Never a good idea to share that info online though.

But i understand if that is the best way you can get communications.

If you still need help, let us know.


Title: Re: V Box ii
Post by: Jimlw1 on October 07, 2019, 09:39:16 AM
On my "Stacked" C/Ku "741" LNB, - for the 10750 Ku BAND to work, i NEED the 22k to be "ON"