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Title: New Product Review - Edision OS Mini 4K
Post by: elbandido on Jan 16 2021 11:03:42
I recently purchased one Edision OS Mini 4K to be used on a single 3 meter satellite dish that is set for c band only. The Mini 4K was a good choice for this system because it has a single tuner, and all the basic features of the Edision MIO/Mio+ receivers. After running this receiver a few days, I am surprised someone in the U.S. is not selling it.

The Covid problem has had a tremendous impact on fta receivers. Usually I would have already seen several new fta receivers that were either beginning to come to the retail market or were being advertised as being ready for the retail market within weeks. Currently, nothing really new exists, and most of what is being sold as new is pretty much a collection of old parts in a new case.

The OS Mini 4K was released right at the beginning of year 2020, and is basically a stripped version of the MIO/MIO+ receivers. I could get into the very details of what is missing in the Mini 4K as compared to the MIO/Mio+ receivers, but the part that I use, which is satellite reception is identical.

A small group works on and assembles software, which is called an image for the MIO/Mio+ receivers. The OS Mini 4K is very similar to the MIO/MIO+, so adding North American support to it was easy. Blindscan and satellite reception is equal to the MIO/MIO+ receivers. I have made several simultaneous scans of different satellites with the MIO+ and Mini 4K receivers. The results are very similar, and the MIO+ usually comes up a bit short on transponders and channels, but that is to be expected because it is also sitting behind more hardware. The Mini 4K has a single coax attached to it, running straight to the c band multiswitch.  

Attached are a few pictures of the Mini 4K. I find it to be a decent receiver with a 2 year warranty. For heavy media use such as Kodi, a MIO or MIO+ would probably be better choices. But for a single tuner satellite receiver, the OS Mini 4K does an excellent job. It doesn't hurt to have software designed for North America in the receiver either.

Title: Re: Edision OS Mini 4K
Post by: Hyper on Jan 16 2021 11:07:51
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Title: Re: Edision OS Mini 4K
Post by: elbandido on Jan 17 2021 01:02:25
The Edision receivers that I have mentioned on this forum pretty much have an Open Source operating system, but the tuner drivers and some other things are Closed Source.

Recently I purchased a decent set of lnbs that have a l.o. of 5750. Currently there is no option for this l.o. in the Mini 4K receiver menus. This lnb could be used with User defined settings, but blindscan will not work correctly. Since the receiver operating system is Open Source, I can add the 5750 l.o. lnb to the menu, and should also be able to adjust the blindscan plugin code so it will scan this lnb correctly. You cannot do this with a Closed Source Receiver. If an option that you need is not available in a Closed Source receiver, then you will need to ask the manufacturer to add it, which may or may not happen.

Add-on features or Plugins such as YouTube can be updated in an Open Source receiver by the user, providing an update is available.  Add-on features or Plugins such as YouTube cannot be updated by the user in most Closed Source receivers.
Support for YouTube and other media options in Closed Source receivers is usually measured in months.
Support for YouTube and other media options in Open Source receivers is usually measured in Years.

Title: Re: Edision OS Mini 4K
Post by: elbandido on Jan 18 2021 10:38:51
The 5750 l.o. and blindscan has been successfully added!  The new range for blindscan with the 5750 l.o. is 3625-4800 Or 3.625GHz to 4.8GHz. It is nice to have access to the transponders above 4200.