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Title: ME TV Plus launches on OTA May 15th
Post by: Hyper on May 17 2021 10:01:52
Anyone do a scan recently for this channel on OTA?

Is was supposed to start on May 15th.

More info:

It'll initially launch on Weigel-owned stations in Chicago and Phoenix at the start, then to their other MeTV-operated stations in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Nashville, Hartford, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Salt Lake City, and South Bend. In the article, Weigel's vice chairman mentioned that MeTV Plus will be more of an experiment, just to test out if a second MeTV channel can be successful. If MeTV Plus turns out to be a success, they'll be eventual national expansion, especially on stations where diginets are moving elsewhere to other stations in the same market, and especially if ASTC 3.0 really takes off.

Somewhat similar to what Antenna TV will do with Rewind TV, the programming will be mostly the same shows that MeTV currently has rights to, but also certain series that they have currently "rested" in the meantime (that right now includes the original Hawaii Five-O, Vega$, and Mission: Impossible, plus possibly other classics that air on Weigel's other retro diginets, Heroes & Icons and Start TV.

Title: Re: ME TV Plus launches on OTA May 15th
Post by: Hyper on May 27 2021 06:05:45
Curious, do we have anyone in the Chicago or Phoenix market who has seen Me TV Plus added to their OTA line-up? Or anyone anywhere else?