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 on: Sep 22 2022 07:55:56  
Started by Hyper - Last post by Hyper
SAT POWER SP-120 (Horizon to Horizon) USALS/DiSEqC Dish Motor for Offset Ku Band FTA Dish up to 1.2M


It quit working after only 10 days. No clue what is wrong with it.

If you are handy with electronics and can fix it, this is for you.

Or, use it for spare parts.

NO GUARANTEE it is repairable!

At the HyperMegaSat eBay store.

Direct link here:

Reasonable offers considered.


 on: Sep 20 2022 08:03:38  
Started by armadillo_115 - Last post by elbandido
Put up that 12 footer and you will get it, providing the 12 foot dish is equal to the one you have now. smoke

 on: Sep 20 2022 07:53:10  
Started by armadillo_115 - Last post by armadillo_115
Just for a quick test, I ran one of the dual rg6 cables direct from the horizontal lnb to the sat receiver. Which eliminated any losses from the multi-switch, grounding block, and the extra connectors in line. Panamericana channel was only slightly less glitchy. So I doubt it will be any better once the multi-switch and grounding block is added back in.

I was only able the get the new coax's from lnb to switch building rerouted in plastic pipe and hooked up by dark. Have to do the new actuator wire the same. Then bury about 20 ft of both so I can drive and mow over it.

After that, a new main coax run and new actuator wire run from the switch building back to the house. Both in plastic pipe. and about 75 more ft of trench there. Won't be buried, just covered with pine needles in the edge of the flower bed.

I STILL have to try rotating the lnb's 180 degrees as elbandido suggested previously. If that don't help, the wife can watch Panamerican online. I'm about done worrying about that darn channel. lol

 on: Sep 20 2022 09:06:33  
Started by Hyper - Last post by patcomm
openbox z5 :0000

even i brain dead guy like me can remember this one HA HA


 on: Sep 19 2022 08:03:23  
Started by legalfreetoair - Last post by legalfreetoair
Welcome 9000!


Thank you for joining our forum.   grin

Its great to have you here. If you need anything just let us know.

Please be sure to read our forum rules here:

See you in the forums ..... Staff


 on: Sep 19 2022 07:01:49  
Started by armadillo_115 - Last post by armadillo_115
It's pretty common around here for Marketplace sellers to list as 'In stock'. The dual coax I just bought was listed "In Stock". The guy had kept it in his storage rental for no telling how long. Said he bought the whole 500ft spool back when he needed some for his home D ish system. Maybe they think it looks more professional.  huh

 on: Sep 19 2022 06:37:44  
Started by armadillo_115 - Last post by elbandido
The McCormick, SC ad says: "Satellite dishes 10 ' to 13' ", and also "15 ft octagon, 15 ft round, with single or dual lnb, also have some 12 footers with lnbs, make me an offer..." I seriously doubt this person really knows what size the dish is.  The ad also says "In stock", which is sort of funny because I doubt  this listing is for a satellite store.

Certainly it would be worth taking a look at if you are close by and it is convenient. Remember these dishes will probably be around 40 years old, and most likely, scrap yard price would be pushing it.

 on: Sep 19 2022 06:10:30  
Started by armadillo_115 - Last post by armadillo_115
Yeah Hyper, I hope someone gets them!

I considered it hard. Price of the dish alone isn't the issue but:
1) I have a 12fter yet to put up . (Not sure it will perform any better than my 10fter's. Plus the mount weighs a dang ton)
2) Less and less English programming on C band.
3) Dishes are over 4.5 hrs drive each way.
4) My trailer tongue is broken. Doubtful I could haul a 15tfter in my small pickup bed. That would be a sight. lmao
5) My dish pole probably couldn't handle a 15fter. So add a new slab and pole. At the least, the pole would need to be raised a couple feet.
3) And most worrying: 5G interference may arise here at any time. Would need four 5G blocking lnb's or 4 wave guide filters.  rolleyes I'm sure many other C Band users are in the same situation. Waiting for the ax to fall.

I continue to improve on the small stuff... but leery of large cash and labor investments. I may finally get everything finished the way I want it... and BOOM... 5G knocks it all out.  Angry

 on: Sep 18 2022 08:43:28  
Started by armadillo_115 - Last post by Hyper
15 Foot and 12 Foot dishes are HARD to find, and you should see the prices to buy one new.

$500 seems like alot, but maybe you can get it for much less if you make an offer.

For reference, i got my used 10Ft Winegard Mesh BUD for $50 back in 2010. With Biden inflation that would cost approx $11,050.52 today

LOL  J/K     grin

Seriously that looks like one heck of an opportunity for someone, or several someones ......

Spread the word on this one far and wide so they find a new home.


 on: Sep 18 2022 08:00:02  
Started by armadillo_115 - Last post by armadillo_115
Posted on Marketplace: $500 in header but says to make an offer  wink "15 ft octagon, 15 ft round, with single or dual lnb, also have some 12 footers with lnbs, make me an offer"

I'd love to have the 15 ft round dish but a bit far for me to travel for it. (Plus the wife would have a cow with long horns)

If I recall correctly, we have at least one member near the NC/SC border. So thought I'd post this.


I'm sure I'll regret not checking this out myself.

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