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News: Amiko Mini 4K UHD S2X V1.0.37 Firmware 080921 >>>
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 on: Yesterday at 06:27:42 PM 
Started by Hyper - Last post by Hyper
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 on: Nov 24 2021 05:48:56  
Started by Hyper - Last post by mopat
Think maybe I should use this post as an excuse to buy a replacement C-band LNB.

Hyper seemed to have one of one left. Pansat PF-9600W.

Any other options or is that a stupid question with the supply chain issues?

Is it buy what you can now?

 on: Nov 24 2021 11:22:08  
Started by legalfreetoair - Last post by legalfreetoair
Welcome guadca!


Thank you for joining our forum.   grin

Its great to have you here. If you need anything just let us know.

Please be sure to read our forum rules here:

See you in the forums ..... Staff


 on: Nov 23 2021 07:26:21  
Started by techristian - Last post by techristian
If you have noticed lately with the clamp downs on freedom of speech, you may have realized that some of your favorite news websites may disappear . Keeping your sat system up to date may be a wise thing.


 on: Nov 23 2021 07:22:16  
Started by techristian - Last post by techristian
Some pages can be STILL SEEN using the WAYBACK MACHINE !!

TYPE "WAYBACK MACHINE" in Google and some pages from 2020 still up !


 on: Nov 22 2021 09:50:30  
Started by Hyper - Last post by elbandido
Recovery using RS232 would still be a daunting task for many even if the fta receiver wiring for RS232 was standardized. Setting up a RS232 connection on a Windows computer that does not have a RS232 connector such as a DB9 can be difficult. Most users will only worry about recovery using RS232 once the receiver is locked up. It is much easier to test file transfers from a home computer to fta receiver using RS232 with a working fta receiver instead of one that is locked up.

Most of the receivers that I own can be recovered from file errors by using the usb port. Simply reloading the image file or firmware files if something causes a boot-loop or no boot situation is all receivers that recover by usb need.

There are other receivers that will dump a bad file and reboot. The Octagon SX88 recovers by RS232, but it will usually dump a bad channel or satellite file and reload the default files instead of locking up.

 on: Nov 22 2021 08:00:52  
Started by Hyper - Last post by Bass Player 1964
Excellent information!!  I just wish the manufacturers would decide on one wiring standard and stick to it LOL

That makes too much sense, must not be profitable to do so .....


You're right :)  Must be a profitability issue of some kind LOL

 on: Nov 22 2021 06:57:30  
Started by Hyper - Last post by Hyper
To expand on this, here is some additional info on FTA equipment supply from my perspective as owner of

H-H Dish Motors for Ku Band  < these are in VERY short supply, at least in the USA. We have less than 24 in stock at No current plans to get anymore in stock anytime soon.
Satellite Dish for Ku band  < these i think WILL BE in VERY short supply very soon, if not now.

These are the things you need not worry about running out of supply anytime soon, we have PLENTY of this stuff in stock at

Ku Band Dish LNBFs
DiSEqC Switchs
22K Switchs
8x1 Switchs
3x4 Switchs
Ground Blocks
RG6 Connectors
Connector Compression Tools
LNB Brackets
some Remote Controls (Amiko, Linkbox)

Things kind of "iffy", that i am concerned about. We have good stock, but not sure if we can restock at a reasonable price:

C Band Servo Motors
C Band LNBFs
8" Flat Coax Cables

Things we have in stock, that for sure will not be restocked due to supply/cost/availability/whatever

Remote Control for Manhattan RC-1978 (3 pcs)
Pansat/Linkbox U-50 UHF Remote Control Kit (4 pcs)
Holland Electronics Diplexer Model STVC (10 pcs)

 on: Nov 22 2021 06:13:31  
Started by Hyper - Last post by Hyper
Yes, that is correct!

Go to the link for our eBay store:

Once there scroll down to see the different items we have, and there are pages and pages!

Or, search our eBay store (this will search only the HyperMegaSat eBay store, not all of eBay)

See pic #1, the big blue arrow is where you enter your search.

In this instance i searched Star Trek 4K

Click on the item  after the search results pop up

Now see pic #2, the big blue arrow shows where the coupon code is.


 on: Nov 22 2021 05:52:31  
Started by Hyper - Last post by Hyper
Excellent information!!  I just wish the manufacturers would decide on one wiring standard and stick to it LOL

That makes too much sense, must not be profitable to do so .....


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