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Author Topic: My review of Traxis DBS6100 receiver-- 2nd try.  (Read 30502 times)
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« on: Sep 27 2014 01:50:39 »

Since there are very few reviews of the TraxisHD DBS 6100 receiver on the Net, I thought that I would write one. Traxis is owned by DMS International

where you can find the manual for the receiver as well as a schematic of the back panel.

This receiver comes well packaged with an HDMI cable, non-alkaline batteries for the remote, and a small instruction manual. It is manufactured in China. The manual has been edited a competent English writer but it is limited and there is no CDROM included.  The receiver is small, about 80% of the size of Manhattan RS-1333 or a small DVD player. It has an external switching power supply with no toggle on/off switch. If you wanted to be certain that there is no voltage on your cable, just disconnect the power supply. The only switch on the front panel is on/off so that if you lose the remote, you are toast. The blue display on the left side of the front panel is clearly readable and shows the time when the unit is turned off. It also shows channel numbers and when searching. The remote appears generic and is not labeled Traxis; it is not very substantial. In addition, there is no documentation about remote control codes in case you wanted to use a universal remote.
One of the most frustrating things when installing is that the “out of the box” video resolution is 576i as reported by my HDMI monitor. Therefore, I could not set up the unit except using the NTSC (yellow) video out. Finally, I saw that the remote has a “v. format” button which allows for  480, 576,720, or 1080 with either interlaced or progressive format. Frame rates of 25, 50, 30, or 60 fps are available. 1080p with 24 fps is also available. You can view all of these numerous choices from a small window presented on the screen of an analog monitor while the settings are changed. A setting of 1080p caused my HDMI audio to stutter and my monitor supported only certain of these settings anyway. I settled at 1080p with frame rate of 30 fps. These choices are unbelievable for an inexpensive box. I would never buy an STB without analog video out for just the problem stated above.

The unit does not get very warm because of the external switching supply and good design. The processor is a dual core type and the OS is not specified. It boots in about 15 seconds. One of the real advantages of this receiver is its sensitive tuner and fast blind scan time. For 125 W, the Traxis took     seconds  and the Manhattan RS-1333 (my only other S2 blind scan receiver) took   seconds. The Traxis immediately found all of the satellite on my three dishes which are connected with a switch. I even erroneously chose a universal LNB when a standard 10750 was connected and the Traxis found all of the transponders—just listing them at the wrong frequencies! One of the problems during installation was that the list of satellites is incomplete. There was no listing for 125W Ku so I modified the settings for 125 W C Band and it worked fine. There were a few radio stations on 99W that could be locked in on the Manhattan but not the Traxis. Almost all of them are scrambled on the dishes that I use, anyway. Therfore, I could not receive any radio stations. You can save your settings on a USB drive if you change satellites.
Regarding the menus, the various items are arranged as icons on a page and when you use the remote to choose one, the contents are displayed even before you hit the OK button to change to the page which corresponds to the item. When you exit the item that you have chosen, the STB reverts to the video picture display rather than back to the menu page. The video and audio functions are neat when you plug in a USB flash drive or external USB drive. The STB reads MP3, WMA, WAV , JPG, BMP, PNG, MKV, FLV, avi, dat, mpg, mpeg, ts, trp, tp, m2ts, vob, mp4, mkv, and motion jpeg formats. I had no problem viewing JPG’s and the unit uses a COBY type random transition format between images and it is not the fastest thing in the world. It read MP4’s, and MPG’s for me as well as all of the shows that I recorded on the Manhattan. The PVR function is very impressive. The STB reads FAT and FAT32 without a problem with a Unix style file display. When you choose record, the unit reminds you that it will only record in H264 format. One of the icons also includes games. There is a coaxial digital output which does work fine as well as red and white analog video outs. The audio passed seamlessly to my HDMI monitor’s speakers, however. Since most AC3 audio is just stereo anyway, the analog outputs can be adapted to use with stereo speakers, too. I just pass the analog audio to my surround receiver’s inputs.
The biggest disappointment is the fact that the network function is not compatible with my cable modem. I plugged a network cable into my cable modem and then into my wireless router. The STB displayed its IP after connection (DHCP) but could not connect to the Net. Since this is an international box, connection standards may vary. Also, I could find a firmware file anywhere on the Net, including at DMS International. When I tried to connect for an upgrade, the displayed URL for the site was a private IP on my network!  This is clearly misleading from Traxis’ ads and a disappointment. When I set the clock, the first default time zone was New Zealand. I finally used GMT minus 5 hours and now the time is correct in military format. The time is determined by one of the received satellites.
There are no separate channel menus when you hit the OK key while watching as in other STB’s. The channel menu is continuous from satellite to satellite. Apparently, this box can also be used with a card for some type of subscription service elsewhere in the world.
I owned the old Traxis 3500 and it just died after being left on for about nine months. This unit seems to be a great improvement. Overall, considering its reasonable price and availability, it should be a good choice. Its strongest features are its fast blind scan and PVR functions. The lack of network function and firmware support is a disappointment

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« Reply #1 on: Oct 02 2014 06:51:40 »

Very nice review fluke281! Thank you for posting your experience with the Traxis 6100 HD so far, i am sure it will help a lot of people who are considering one of these. Of course i have owned and used one of these quite a bit. I have never really recorded with it or used the media player, so it is nice to know that those features work well. The user manual is kind of "OK" in my opinion. I have seen far worse, but i have also seen better such as the Geosat Micro HD. I wish all manual were that good. But the Traxis manual is better than many i have seen. I also agree blind scan is very good on this box and picture quality excellent. I also really like the big bright blue front panel display. Really easy to read for us old guys.

On the video resolution settings, the box has many many choices like you point out and that is a great feature. If you purchased this box from you got the custom satellite list we made but i think the video resolution is not set correctly like i should have. There is a "by source" and "by native tv" option and i think that is what i should default to on the custom list. I will try and fix this before i put out another custom firmware version. But for anyone who has a problem with a black/white or rolling picture upon initial set-up, i have posted a procedure to get this corrected here in this thread:

As far as the network settings and lack of firmware support, i agree with you there. I can connect mine to the internet no problem. But the only 2 reasons to do so are news, which are RSS text only type news which are OK i guess. This actually does work. And then there is the weather app. The weather app only lists like 6 cities all international so useless in my opinion. Traxis (DMS) has not put out any firmware to improve this box, but we have listed some custom files here on the forum with an improved sat list, muzak channels, etc... which make the box that much better.

Regarding a couple of the issues you wrote about:

"When you exit the item that you have chosen, the STB reverts to the video picture display rather than back to the menu page."

This threw me for a loop and still does. I am used to hitting the "exit" button and going back to the previous menu on other receivers. On the 6100 HD there is a separate button just to the left of the exit btton "menu" that will take you right back. Its just hard to learn to use that button after doing it one way for so long with other receivers.

"There are no separate channel menus when you hit the OK key while watching as in other STB’s. The channel menu is continuous from satellite to satellite. "

For this once you hit the "OK" key to get to the channel list, use the blue button on the remote to index the list by satellite.

Anyways, thanks for the great review, we appreciate it. And i hope my notes help you too.

For other who want to learn some more, see some pics, screen shots, check this thread:

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« Reply #2 on: Oct 06 2014 05:02:43 »

Thanks very much for the info! I did not know about the blue button to display channels by satellite. I also figured out that the menu button must be used to go back to a previous menu item. After you said that you could get the news, etc. by connecting to the internet, I determined that the "ping" to the Google website never works. DHCP is fine for connecting to my router and that did provide the very limited RSS, weather, and map info. Too bad that there is no way to add local weather. The receiver actually produced a 100% quality reading for me with a 4 foot dish on 125W. So there is a benchmark for quality when the leaves fall! Thanks again.
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« Reply #3 on: Oct 12 2015 03:09:04 »

Is manual pid entry possible?

If so how?


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