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Author Topic: switches don't work for me  (Read 477 times)
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« on: Aug 17 2018 07:38:23 »

no matter 22k or disq  same problem for over a year....i when i plug in my c band  /ku band  and go to my manhattan menu  i get only c band...if i unplug my c band and plug in ku band  i get ku band...never both,,i have tried numerous switches  no luck,,,,,is there a physical 2 way switch box........i do not mind manual switching through a box......i have a 5 way hdmi switch box for my options for my recievers,,,how about a c //ku   switch box.......i have the asc 1 positioner unfortunatly it has only one port.....i got a suggestion to kill all power when installing a switch   did that  same problem,,,,,my problem is deeper than a shorting out of my help help
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« Reply #1 on: Aug 17 2018 09:52:10 »

As I recall, C/KU band switching worked on your system during the past year until recently? I understand that you swapped receivers and now are back to the original Manhattan? Were any receiver menu settings changed? Were different coax cables used? Any changes to the coax wire runs?

Do you have a cheapo satellite meter with a 22KHz indicator LED? If not, it is less than $15 and a good tool to have for system testing. Placing this type of meter inline and checking for 22KHz signal switching at various points will help identify if the signal is being generated or blocked. If your technician has a scope, the 22KHz signal can be quickly traced and evaluated. Easy to identify if the signal is present and/or attenuated.

Loss of 22KHz control could be related to many things. Kinked coax, bad fitting, receiver menu setting, receiver defect, controller defect, etc.

Yes, you could install a manual A/B switch (rated for at least 2.4HGz) and physically select the C or KU LNB. Not the route I would personally use or recommend, but it would eliminate the switch control problems.

Good luck!
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