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Author Topic: Marine Corp Recruit  (Read 269 times)
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« on: Dec 25 2019 11:16:58 »

Here's an old joke they used to tell back when I was a boy. Knowing my family, friends, and neighbors... It may have even been a true story.  rolleyes

A young man fresh out of high school joined the Marine Corp. He boarded the local bus headed for the Induction Center in Charlotte NC. Many alcoholic beverages the previous night during his 'going away' party had left him with an upset stomach and a bad hangover...

About 50 miles from Charlotte he just couldn't wait any longer. So he asked the bus driver to pull over. He ran out into the woods, squatted down, and did his business. Being a country boy, the absence of toilet paper was no big deal... he grabbed up a handful of dried leaves and finished up.

He ran back to the bus and arrived at the Induction Center on time. There he joined a long line of other recruits waiting to be processed...

After filing out numerous forms...  eye exam...  hearing exam...  Hurry up... Wait.. etc... etc... all the recruits were marched into a huge room and ordered to strip down. When the doc yelled "Bend over and spread 'em", 40 young men obeyed. The doc began walking down the line doing his preliminary visual inspection, taking notes on each recruit as he passed.

When the Doc reached our young man he said with surprise:

"Boy, I've seen a lot of butt holes in my 30 years as a Doctor....




But this is the first I ever seen with a squirrels nest in it!"

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