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Author Topic: New Product Review - Linkbox 9000i HD, 9000i HD LOCAL Receiver  (Read 100893 times)
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« Reply #45 on: Apr 02 2016 11:56:59 »

Well after sweet talking the wife and robbing my piggy bank I ordered my 9000i HD Local today. Now can't wait to get it.
I figure that will be a good match for the Geosat pro quad lnbf I won a while back. If it is as good as everyone says I'm sure I'll be happy with it.
Of course I did order it from Hyper.. smiley
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« Reply #46 on: Apr 07 2016 05:31:50 »

Thought i would share a couple of testimonials i received from customers recenly on the Linkbox 9000i HD and HD Local:

Nothing but GOOD news, brother! The 9Ki is installed and working FINE! The FTA satellite rcvr is great, and, not only does the OTA rcvr work fine, but the machine was able to record off-the-air local TV onto a USB stick, as expected. I also love the new ergonomics/menus, etc.

Sir, you have produced a genuine Happy Customer.  Feel free to quote me: "The Linkbox 9000i HD Local is absolutely the finest STB I have ever owned!" (and I go back to Fortec Star & Pansat 2500...) You have done well, Casey, take the rest of the week off!

Anyway, I'm happy as a clam and totally satisfied. Thank you very much for the excellent service!

Owner, Hobaugh Electric

And another one from a forum member her who emailed me about the Linkbox:


I believe you know that I have a bachelor of science
degree in Electrical Engineering and 40 + years of experience
working for many top companies supporting military and space
flight hardware. I'm retired now having left General Dynamics
in 2011 after 18 years.

Within our hobby of FTA there are many ( not all ) people who
have no electronics background and a very low level or real
understanding of the comprehensive picture of satellite
communications. I'm not bragging here ( but it looks like it ).

That said I believe I'm qualified to have a valid opinion on
which FTA receiver ( and I've gone through several of late )
is really the best. Until something better comes along hands
down it's Linkbox.

I just recently purchased the Linkbox 9000i from you and I could
not be happier with it ! Besides it's outstanding performance,
what I like the most is it's logical user friendliness.
This sure saves a lot of time and frustration.
Thanks for introducing me to Linkbox !

David Hutchison ( Foxcreek )


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« Reply #47 on: Apr 16 2016 11:36:20 »

OTA --

So, today, knowing there's gonna be a ton of rain later and tomorrow....other than C-Band, I expect to lose part if not all of Ku.... I decided to do another scan on the OTA side.

Normally, I just change it to TV only... this time, I let it go all out...  Including "radio"...Well, imagine my surprise when it saved several "radio" channels....  Something I never noted before...   My guess is they're sub-channels off the regular channels...  Alas, they are religious in nature, like their video counterpart, but it IS something to note.

Today, despite the impending bad weather -- or maybe because of it -- I've seen weather play HUGE impacts on OTA.   From my location I am getting several Dallas, TX channels...solid...  Late in the day, compared to when I normally get them so I think these are weather related today....

I think, given my area, I have only one thing I wish was different on the 9000i.... instead of AC power, I'd like to see 12v like my MicroHD.  Then, I can run off my backup solar system in case of power loss....directly, instead of using inverter...

So -- "radio" off terrestrial receiver....  Nice.....
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« Reply #48 on: May 13 2017 04:20:48 »

I like the newer menu's with this receiver over the 8000.  

I wouldn't mind to see a pic of the channel list and channel information bar.

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