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Author Topic: I can't find any Satellites  (Read 1626 times)
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« Reply #15 on: Mar 06 2022 04:21:30 »

Quite a few years ago I created a spreadsheet by using some values I knew during an outage-the time my easternmost satellite went out, noon had to be my southernmost satellite and finally my westernmost satellite using standard time since daylight time in the fall throws noon off by an hour.  I converted the time span to minutes and divided it by the degree difference.  I just noticed I have an error in my spreadsheet and will have to double check my calculations but I came up with something like it taking about 4.4 minutes for every degree so if you are located at 88 (your noon) 97 is a 9 degree difference.  Multiply 9 by 4.4 for 39.6 making the time about 12:40.  May not be exact but will put you in the ballpark.

I just did an internet search and came up with a website called and did a quick verification since my 180 degree satellite went out yesterday while I was watching and the time coincides with my actual times.  On the site I first put in my address then I went up and choose the satellite I wanted.  The table towards the bottom displays the date and time.

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