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Author Topic: Prof 7500 USB FTA Receiver Review  (Read 12447 times)
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« on: Jun 02 2011 08:10:18 »

This is a review of the Prof 7500 USB DVB-S2 Receiver from a customer of mine.

Goes by the nic Dishman, he emailed this to me with permission to post it.

If you are not familiar with the Prof 7500 USB you can see a pic and specs here:

Anyways, here is what he had to say:

Observations after spending time looking over the Prof 7500 DVB-S2 USB  Tuner.

Information is scarce at best and hard to interput for a beginer. I found many things about this tuner interesting and was impressed with what it does. For about $100 one gets an upgrade for an old out dated receiver to one that will run the newest programing, a good signal strength meter with the provided software, not there intension, and a nice HD TV signal presuming the rest of your gear can support it.

I began running on the loop out of a 9200 Pansat thinking thats a good set to test against, it was on a 4 foot dish running C band. The Pansat does do pretty well on this set-up but it is particular. The Prof didn't do well at all on the small dish and at this point left me wondering, however neither did the Pansat till it was carefully tuned and played with. Then we changed to a big old full size C band dish with an identical lnb. On this dish the Prof came to life and surprised me, it didn't find all the signals the Pansat did, but did find signals the Pansat didn't? From the stand point of tuning. I feel it does well.
The Pansat tunes stations it won't hardly hold as signil is low or irratic, the Prof won't show a signal if it can't tune and hold it. I would say if your just hunting signals it might lack for you due to this and its lack of blind scan, but for just watching TV with a good solid TV picture, it beats the Pansat in my oppinion.
On understanding what its doing. The Prof is mearly converting signal from lnb to usb input for your computer. The computer and software dose's the rest so software is a key here! Software and the computer are whats truely making things happen.
I was advised to use Smart DVB as my viewer, it worked. But with the Prof came the software for the Ip data and DVB dream. The Ip data doubles as a signal strength meter, and a pretty good one! It needs to be running before DVB dream and is used to set the inputs for DVB dream. This is a bit more time consumming and it does require a few more steps to use but offers a few more options and I felt it works far better and was worth the extra steps, I did have both on board side by side, DVB dream held a better more stable picture in my oppinion, both are free and simple to try.
All said and done the Prof will stay around our home and be used, of course so will the rest of the gear laying around here! I'm in the woods in Minnesota and get a fair part of the TV we watch from my dishes and have been for a long time. I do feel the Proof will be a major player backed up to an older receiver. The old reciever can steer the dish and power the lnb leaving us a lot for $100. and used, or unused old parts.
I did play with the small dish more and the Prof with time did OK once we got everything tuned in. It compared well to the Pansat on both C and Ku signals. I put in the 4 footer for Ku band as I wanted strong hard signals then decided to add the new lnb and see what would happen. When all is said and done it does get about 75% of the signals that the big dish gets, but weather, and, and, really play a part on C band.
I haven't tried it yet but the Prof against a good computer using the large screen as a moniter should make for some good TV watching and the Proof does come with a remote control for the computer so one can set in the easy chair and work the system like any other.
At present there isn't much on the Ku side, I think time may fix that for us? But for Ku a good small dish and motor and one would be in bussiness. Regardless, with the big dish and a dual C/Ku lnb one has it all, and there is a fair amount open up their yet to watch.
The Prof is capable of near all that the Pansat is, and it doesn't freeze up! It runs the same programing for signal types and can drive a positioner, is HD and is smaller and a lot cheaper. Had I knowen of the Prof when I bought the panst I probably would have put it against an old receiver and retired this computer to satellite TV duty. When done with the computer upgrade, I'd have needed a new one! I'd have spent a bit more then the new Pansat, but not a terrible amount and I'd have had a new computer and a system that didn't  freeze up! freeze up a lot! that worked as well. 
The Prof if your wanting to watch TV, I think passes and passes well! If your out to hunt and peck, looking for more? It's a neat toy but not truely what your after. I again here will add or emphasize. The tuneing is done with software on your computer! Good software, good results. Bad software, ?? This said,,,,,, NEW software will be easily added and easily worked with, your not locked in to whats onboard! Many things are due to be comming down the pike and this will in my opinion be a place to be to see and try the changes when they happen, quickly and easily! 

End Review



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